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Your assignment is to make one post that contains the following:1. State the rol

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Your assignment is to make one post that contains the following:1. State the role of enzymes in a cell? (for 1 pt).2. List 4 ways enzymes can be affected (for 1 pt).Activity: Photosynthesis OverviewYour Assignment is to:Draw the process of photosynthesis in the chloroplast.Write the overall equation of Photosynthesis (reactants –> products) (0.5pt)
Show how the energy from the sun is converted into ATP in the light-dependent reaction. (0.5pts)
Show how sugars are made in the light-independent reaction (aka. Calvin Cycle). (0.5pts)
Name one photosynthetic organism and how it affects the planet. (0.5 pt)
Activity: Cellular Respiration OverviewYour Assignment is to:Summarize the process of Cellular Respiration in the cell.Write the overall equation of Cellular Respiration (reactants –> products) (0.5pt)
Outline the Pathways in Cellular Respiration and where in the cell they occur. (0.5pt)
Describe Fermentation and how does it differ from Cellular Respiration, and how is it the same. (1pt)
What is the role of carbon dioxide in photosynthesis and in cellular respiration? (2pts)
Requirements: .doc file

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