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Throughout this course, you have set a health-related goal and worked toward mee

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Throughout this course, you have set a health-related goal and worked toward meeting that goal using the information and resources provided. In this last Health Journal, you will be asked to reflect on your progress, how you might carry these behavior changes forward to continue to become a healthier person, and how you might use your new skills to help others, ultimately impacting positive social change.In this final Assignment, write a 1-page entry in your Health Journal that answers the following questions:Are you satisfied with the progress you have made toward your behavior change goal you set in Week 1? Why or why not?
Describe the progress that you made during the past few weeks with regards to this goal. Were there particular barriers that impacted your progress? If so, what were they?
Do you feel you need to continue the steps toward changing this behavior, or have you achieved your goal? Why or why not?
Reflect on what you have learned about health promotion throughout the course and how you might apply this to Walden’s Mission of Social Change (
Finally, make a pledge to carry on the mission of social change throughout your program and beyond graduation through a health promotion behavior change initiative. Create a pledge that you could use on social media platform of your choice (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) to share your commitment to social change and improving the health of those connected to you (for example: I pledge to keep kids physically active in my community by offering running-related programs). #PledgeForSocialChange
Explain why you chose this pledge and how you think it may impact those connected to you.
What other efforts related to this pledge might you implement in order to improve the health of those around you?
Requirements: .doc file

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