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This discussion involves another major environmental issue: access to clean wate

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This discussion involves another major environmental issue: access to clean water. Access to clean water is fundamental to the provision of environmental and health security. Irena Salina directed the video, Flow: For Love of Water. It is a 2008 documentary that examines the world’s water supply and the increasing privatization of water sources. As you watch the film, consider the questions below, which probe whether water is a human right and what factors threaten access to water around the world. Based on the film, post responses to the following questions using a minimum of 350 words and proper citations (not included in word count) as appropriate. Then respond to at least two of your peers’ posts. Be sure to post your initial response to the questions by the end of Module 7 so your peers can review and respond to them. All responses must be made by the last day of Module 8. Points will be taken off for the lack of timeliness. In 2010, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution calling for water to be recognized as a human right. Based on the film, do you believe water should be considered a human right? Does the privatization of public water systems deny people this right? How might a lack of access to water impact the fulfillment of human rights that have been explicitly mentioned in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? The film showed how factors related to development and industrialization threaten access to clean water. How do attempts to promote economic and food security end up creating threats to environmental security (or other categories of human security)?

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