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Short Essay Assignment I Part I Read the following paper and answer two questio

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Short Essay Assignment I
Part I
Read the following paper and answer two questions in your own language. Lalwani, Ashok K. and Jessie J. Wang (2019), “How Do Consumers’ Cultural Backgrounds and Values Influence Their Coupon Proneness? A Multi-Method Investigation,” Journal of Consumer Research, 45 (5), 1037–50.
a) Based on the article, how might culture influence coupon redemption rates?
b) Based on the article, how might managers utilize such knowledge in coupon proneness to increase sales?
Part II
Please think about another consumer behavior or marketing phenomenon that can be influenced by culture.
Detail your prediction (e.g., how consumers in culture A behave differently than consumers in culture B?) and your suggestions how managers utilize your prediction in their activities.
Detailed requirements Length:
Max. 800 words, including the list of references. State the word count on the last page.
1. Appropriate understanding of the paper and answer the two questions in part I correctly and clearly.Summarize your answers in your own language.
2. Recommendations in part II should be both creative and practical.

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