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REMEMBER FOR THE PURPOSES OF THIS CLASS; we write about film in the present ten

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REMEMBER FOR THE PURPOSES OF THIS CLASS; we write about film in the present tense. 🙂
I do not want a film summary. If you give me film summary, you will lose points.
Watch the movie “A Call to Spy”.
To capture your initial reactions to the film, write 1-2 pages (approximately 250 – 500 words) of your thoughts after viewing each film. These must be posted in the appropriate Film Journal section of CANVAS before the due date/time.
However, while the writing can be casual, you are expected to use good grammar and sentence structure. Consider this practice good preparation for writing the formal papers required for this class. In the film journal, you will discuss whether or not you liked the film, the choices the director made, the actors, the plot, reflection on connections with own experiences, etc.
This film is available on Amazon Prime:
Example From Roger Ebert
The SOE was a secret organization, created in 1940 out of necessity, after the fall of France to the Nazis. Suddenly it was impossible to get reliable intel on what was going on across the Channel, and the SOE started recruiting women into the intelligence services. It was thought that women could move around more freely than men in occupied territories. The program’s mission was what is referred to, beautifully, as “ungentlemanly warfare,” i.e. sabotage, subversion, resistance. Vera Atkins, a Romanian Jewish immigrant in London, was in charge of the program to recruit capable women from both civilian life and the military. Wireless operators were in high demand, as were women who could speak fluent French. The program got off to a very bumpy start, since they were treading in uncharted waters. The work was hugely dangerous. All of these women risked death, and were given cyanide pills before departing, an option more preferable than falling into the Gestapo’s hands. Many of them were killed or sent to concentration camps. One of the great things about Thomas’ script is how it is about the “bumpy start,” when the triumphs were few and far between, when all the mistakes were being made, learnings they would use in the future—but at such a huge human cost. The film looks reality in the eye.

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