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Question 1 Which of the following is a victimless crime? spreading a computer vi

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Question 1
Which of the following is a victimless crime?
spreading a computer virus
voter fraud
illegal gambling
telling lies
3 points
Question 2
Which of the following best expresses the nature of deviance?
Deviance refers to bad behavior. Behavior that is considered deviant in one place is usually considered deviant in another place. Most people agree on whether or not certain behaviors are deviant. Whether an act is labeled deviant or not depends on many factors, including location and audience.
3 points
Question 3
Which of the following represents a function of deviance?
A high crime rate in a small city results in the creation of a community watch. A gang robs from a church fundraiser. A series of carjackings results in more people locking up their cars. Several early Catholic popes had long term relationships with women and fathered children with them.
3 points
Question 4
When would supplying minors with alcohol be considered a misdemeanor?
when the offender is the legal guardian of the minor when there is more than one offender when the offender is sentenced to more than one year in prison when the offender is sentenced to less than one year in prison
3 points
Question 5
Committing murder is generally considered deviant behavior. In
which case would it NOT be widely considered to constitute deviant
when the murderer is never caught when the murderer pleads guilty to a lesser charge when the murderer pleads insanity when an individual murders someone in self-defense
3 points
Question 6
Civil rights protests leading to laws guaranteeing equal rights exemplifies the function of deviance.
social change employment confirmation of moral boundaries financial
3 points
Question 7
All are ways that deviance contributes to the stability of society EXCEPT for which of the following?
Deviance affirms norms and values. Deviance employs people. Deviance confirms moral boundaries. Deviance prevents social change.
3 points
Question 8
Which of the following is the primary distinction between folkways and mores?
A folkway is a norm and a more is not. Folkways are casual norms and mores are important norms. Folkways are the norms of the middle class and mores are the norms of the upper class. A more is a norm and a folkway is not.
3 points
Question 9
Murder is a violation of a _______________, while picking one’s nose in public represents a violation of a _______________.
more; folkway folkway; law more; taboo taboo; folkway
3 points
Question 10
Which of the following is key to defining the medicalization of deviance?
transformation from badness to sickness transformation from sickness to illness combination of sickness and abnormality transformation of healthy deviance to unhealthy deviance
3 points
Question 11
Mandhur, an older Tunisian man, is training for a marathon. His
daughter finds out and suggests that Mandhur should avoid strenuous
activity because “he’s not getting any younger.” What does this reflect?
heterosexism sexism racism ageism
3 points
Question 12
When meeting an older person, Armi frequently says, “I’m so glad you’re up and around!” Why does this reflect ageism?
because younger people should always refer to older people more respectfully because it reflects an assumption that older people are not mobile or capable of getting around on their own because it is sexist because older people don’t like to be reminded of their age
3 points
Question 13
Why is retirement defined as a social change?
because it involves primary aging because is involves leaving one shared community and joining another because it involves senescence because it involves selecting activities to optimize enjoyment
3 points
Question 14
Ageism, like racism and sexism, involves both ______________ and
an institutional set of practices that provide an advantage to the
dominant group.
an ideology elder abuse uninstitutionalized minority groups an internalization
3 points
Question 15
In _________, older people often speak of death without fear and as a natural end of life that will bring peace.
the Philippines the United States Southeast Asia Ghana
3 points
Question 16
Older women in the United States are typically assumed to be asexual. Why does this represent ageism?
because it is discriminatory because it is true because it is a stereotype because it is racist
3 points
Question 17
Despite his years of experience, Robert was passed over for a
promotion in favor of a man who had only been working in the industry
for a few years. When Robert questioned upper management, they said they
weren’t sure if Robert could keep up with the rapidly changing
technology. This would be an example of which of the following?
cultural competency senescence stereotypes institutional ageism
3 points
Question 18
The doctor understands that his patient values autonomy and
individual choice in end-of-life care, and seeks aggressive treatment.
Based on these culturally specific desires, which country below is the
patient probably from?
North Korea The United States Vietnam South Korea
3 points
Question 19
Which type of aging is described by the subculture of aging theory?
psychological social secondary primary
3 points
Question 20
Why is naturally occurring male pattern baldness a form of primary aging?
because all men lose their hair because it is always caused by poor diet because it is biological because it is controllable
3 points
Question 21
The process of globalization often begins with a ___________ motive(s) on the part of the country or corporation.
multiple single
3 points
Question 22
The country of Nigeria is very rich in oil but its people are very
poor. With economic globalization most of the money goes to
to human aid nonprofits funding infrastructure in the country funding social services to corporations and high level politicians
3 points
Question 23
Which of the following could be considered a benefit of globalization?
increased autonomy of local government increased power of local government wealth spread more evenly in the nation the potential for increased wealth
3 points
Question 24
_______________ refers to the process of integrating governments,
cultures, and financial markets through international trade into a
single world market.
Globalization Free enterprise
3 points
Question 25
A cited benefit of globalization would include which of the following?
increased autonomy of local government increased power of local government the creation of international awareness and empowerment wealth spread more evenly in the nation
3 points
Question 26
Which of the following statements about the impact of new media on society is true?
New media is easy for authorities to monitor, which makes it harder to commit criminal acts. New media is a way to solve the digital divide. New media is difficult for authorities to monitor, which makes it hard to suppress information. New media is a direct result of the knowledge gap.
3 points
Question 27
Technology refers to which of the following?
the combination of complicated, sophisticated, electrical components scientific developments that occurred in the industrial era human engineering that involves computers the application of science to address the problems of daily life
3 points
Question 28
Which of the following are examples of technology? (Select all that apply.)
a cellphone a bridge a road a national park
3 points
Question 29
For the Hispanic population, alone, regardless of economics or geography, ______________ seems to limit technology use.
ethnicity gender age class
3 points
Question 30
When comparing men and women on their ability to access technology, which of the following statements is most accurate?
Men feel less confident in their Internet skills. Women are more skilled at distinguishing reliable sites from unreliable sites. Men are better able to use online databases than women. Women feel less confident in their Internet skills.
3 points
Question 31
Which of the following accurately describes the impact of technology in the post-millennial criminal justice system?
The ability to accurately predict who will become a criminal when they reach adulthood has prevented a number of crimes. The ability to definitively determine who is insane and who is not has prevented the execution of the mentally ill. The ability to psychologically screen police officers for racism and sexism has ended the practice of racial profiling. The ability to ascertain innocence through DNA testing has saved the lives of people on death row.
3 points
Question 32
Which of the following summarize the difference between traditional media and new media?
New media is cutting-edge, while traditional material is obsolete. Traditional media is digital, while new media is 3D. Traditional media is printed, while new media is digital/interactive. New media is better than traditional media.
3 points
Question 33
Which of the following describes a possible negative impact of new media on society?
oligopolic control of traditional media homogenization of new media consolidation of new media cultural imperialism and the loss of local culture
3 points
Question 34
Which of the following statements about the impact of technological inequality is true?
The knowledge gap leads to the digital divide. The digital divide results in the global digital divide. The digital divide can also refer to lacking access to the kind of online technology that allows for empowerment, not just entertainment. The digital divide can also refer to the people who don’t want to access the Internet for religious reasons, like the Amish.
3 points
Question 35
As technological devices get smaller and more mobile, larger
percentages of minority groups are accessing the Internet using
their laptops the public library local Internet cafes their phones
3 points
Question 36
Globally, ________of the world’s 7 billion plus population currently resides in urban areas.
70% 41% 23% 54%
3 points
Question 37
________ refers to members of the middle and upper classes entering city areas that have been historically less affluent.
gentrification sustainable development urbanization demographic transition
3 points
Question 38
In Singapore, in 2014, the Central Intelligence Agency of the
United States estimated that the average number of children that would
be born per woman if all women lived to the end of their childbearing
years and bore children according to a given fertility rate at each age
is .80. What did the CIA measure?
population growth fertility rate mortality rate fecundity rate
3 points
Question 39
Malthusians are ecological ________, while cornucopians are ecological ________.
traditionalists; mavericks pessimists; optimists optimists; pessimist realists; shepherds
3 points
Question 40
What summarizes the basic difference between Malthusians and cornucopians?
Malthusians think overpopulation will destroy humanity, while cornucopians believe that environmental collapse will destroy humanity. Malthusians are more pessimistic than cornucopians. Cornucopians are more pessimistic than Malthusians. Cornucopians believe that overpopulation will destroy humanity, while Malthusians believe that environmental collapse will destroy humanity.
3 points
Question 41
Which of the following do people typically consider a positive social change caused by modern technology?
employers expect employees to be responsive and available all the time through use of smart phones information stored on servers are vulnerable to being hacked information is widely made available to people some people are unable to use the technology and are left behind in society
3 points
Question 42
A reform movement does which of the following?
It seeks to change something specific about the social structure. It seeks to provoke inner change or spiritual growth in individuals. It seeks to prevent or undo change to social structure. It seeks to change every aspect of society.
3 points
Question 43
Alcoholics Anonymous would be considered a social movement?
revolutionary resistance reform redemptive
3 points
Question 44
Advancements in medicine have led people to live longer. This resulted in which of the following?
decrease in need for labor force increase in need for elder care decrease in need for housing in warmer climates decrease in the digital divide
3 points
Question 45
Which of the following BEST describes the direct result of people
leaving their farms in favor of urban centers with more industrialized
increase in available housing increase in family size decrease in family size decrease in available housing
3 points
Question 46
The need of daycare and even after school activities for children is a direct result of __________________.
more men entering the workforce more men staying at home to raise children more women entering the workforce more women staying at home to raise children
3 points
Question 47
When discussing social movements, the institutionalization stage of the life cycle involves which of the following?
people being paid for activism people organizing and coming together people leaving the organization or movement people becoming aware of an issue
3 points
Question 48
When discussing social movements, the preliminary stage of evolution involves which of the following?
people organizing and coming together people being paid for activism people leaving the organization or movement people becoming aware of an issue
3 points
Question 49
Which of the following are ways that revolution and war change society? (Select all that apply.)
reducing population making it more likely that families will stay together changing social norms straining economic and human resources
3 points
Question 50
The Women’s Rights movement called for legal and social equality for women. This is an example of which type of movement?
reform revolutionary redemptive resistance
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