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In order to help me understand the needs of the students in our class, I would l

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In order to help me understand the needs of the students in our class, I would like you to submit a writing sample detailing your educational history, current scholastic interests, and plans for the future. In no less than three pages and no more than five pages, please provide me with a short paper on the following prompts:
What has your educational trajectory been like? Please start with your earliest memories to the present. Highlight key moments that have led you to your current situation (e.g., how did you decide on your major, was it always known you would like to become X)? Be sure to include different examples from each period of your development as a student (e.g., pre-k, primary grades, middle school, high school, college, etc.)
As an educational sciences major/double major what key concepts of educational sciences are you interested in? Why? Cite relevant literature from past coursework or your own personal research/readings to support why your interests matters to you on a personal, but perhaps also global level.
Where do you see yourself a year, five years, or even ten years from now? What field/career would you like to pursue? What are some imagined steps that would take you there; what are possible obstacles? How do you plan to surmount those obstacles?
Please include a reference page at the end (not included in your page count).

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