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I’m working on a Management exercise and need support.Listen to Imperfect Plaint

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I’m working on a Management exercise and need support.Listen to Imperfect Plaintiffs from the 32 minutes mark to the end. (You can listen to the whole thing if you want, but the first piece is less relevant for class)Briefly summarize the premise of the Fisher v. UT case.
What are your preliminary thoughts about this case and this story?
This podcast glazes over some important details of the Fisher v. UT case. Here is some more info that might be useful to know for discussion purposes: UT guarantees the top 10% of students in Texas are automatically accepted. No other info about the student is required.
Of the students who had lower scores who were accepted before Fisher, 42 were white, 4 were Latino, and 1 was black.
Nearly 200 black and Latino students with combined SAT/grades/personal achievement scores equal to or higher than Fishers were also rejectedDoes any of this change your perspective or thinking about the case? What questions do you have about legal issues in selection or the Fisher v. UT case?
Requirements:   |   .doc file | Essay | 2 pages, Double spaced

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