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I’m studying for my History class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can y

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I’m studying for my History class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?draft has already been complted for this final paper , use the draft for this final paper AbstractundefinedIn this writing we talk about how the Disability and Women’s Rights Movements became an important part of the Modern Era (1945). There have been many great movements in the vast history of the US and today we will discuss two big movements that are still relevant to today’s time.These big movements started for the good of this country’s citizens and continue to this day to reach new heights. Believe it or not there used to not be any benefits or government-funded programs for the disabled and in this excerpt, we will be discussing how they came to be. Women working in the past was not even an option at one point, no matter the skill levels they possessed and that is why in today’s time we have so many regulations to make sure that all jobs are gender diverse. History for these movements has created great leaders and great stories that will be sure these names will catch the reader’s attention. We will dwell on the history of these movements, how they came to be and how they are influencing today’s generation. undefinedI am looking forward to addressing Disability and Women’s Rights Movements Pertinent to the Modern Era (1945) in my final proposal. The disability rights movement is a worldwide social organization focusing on securing equivalent rights among individuals with disabilities. While the organization is huge now, it has a long history that it had to concur to get to be the giant organization powerful enough, to not only make changes but, to enforce those changes through its great leaders in the years. On the other hand, the women’s rights movement is a global social body formed to redeem the female gender from the malice of slavery for equal social justice, and this organization has had some battle scars that have not stopped this movement from becoming the powerhouse it is today. Both movements have played a major role in the development of this country, although far from it, continues to push towards a utopian society. undefinedHistory of MovementsundefinedI am planning to cover the historical background of the women’s rights movement. It took effect as early as 1945, immediately after the abolitionist movement. During this era, the female gender had come to the attention of their social rights, and they had made up their mind to reclaim it (Crawford et al., 1993), Women of all ages had come together to create one of the biggest movements in history.Women were determined to have their voices heard in the growing US and knew that it was time for reform. The first wave feminist gained popularity, especially in the American setup, which led to the development and restructuring of social spheres in a gender-based structure. That is why in today’s era there is a percent of women that have to be in each job to meet these organization’s requirements. The literature of the disability rights movement took effect in the middle of the 19th century, with several practitioners being victims of physical challenges. There used to be a time when disabled citizens were not treated fairly and they knew these changes had to be made. To iterate these movements were not an overnight success, a lot of fights were lost and many failed stories went down in history but all proved positive steps in the progress of these group’s goals. In the excerpt, we will discuss how the influential leaders helped make a change for the better in both organizations and how these leaders have shaped the US today.undefinedLeaderships in MovementsundefinedFrom great movements came leadership structure of both Disability and Women’s Rights Movements Pertinent to the Modern Era (1945) that have set history for the greater good. The leadership structure of women’s rights is a collective behavior with a common goal, these people that wanted reform were past leaders that helped out with current problems as well and felt like it was up to them to make a change. The movement’s frontiers are activists and antislavery practitioners who joined the movement, like; Lucy Stone, Susan Anthony, and Sojourner Truth.The leadership structure of the disability rights movement is headed by Ed Robert, Judy Heumann, and Joan Leon in 1981. They branded it the World Institute of Disability, located in Berkeley, California. Its leadership role was to ensure equitable dispensation of rights to disabled individuals (Fleischer et al., 2012).The leadership structure of the disability movement focused on combating the oppressive marginalization of disabled individuals. In the disability movement people who engaged were people who were affected first hand by disability discrimination or had someone close to them and did not tolerate these actions towards them.In both movements, there were some great leaders that we’re able to write history for what they saw it as to be and didn’t leave their faith up to chance. Although they had leaders these movements made a change because of their numbers and that was the biggest advocate in making changes.undefinedProminent ChangesundefinedI am also planning to include certain changes brought about by my proposal’s two social rights movements. The women’s rights movement led to the development of equal dispensation of rights and resources without demeaning the female gender (Crawford et al., 1993). This meant women had equal say and opportunity in the workforce as men on top of all the other benefits that were included. The right to own property became popular among the female gender, women started buying property more than ever before. Pregnancy decisions became the rightful will of taking contraceptives and terminate pregnancies, this was better than needing a decision from a spouse, or if the spouse wasn’t attainable these decisions wouldn’t have been an option. On the other hand, certain changes that the disability movement realized entailed realizing equal opportunities than suffrage states before, compensation benefits, and termination of social discrimination. There are so many programs and organizations gathered to make sure the disabled are all taken care of since it does affect their ability to have a normal life. Both organizations have created government and privately funded programs that continue to keep improving the lives of these individuals.undefinedSuccesses and FailuresundefinedFinally, I am focusing on including challenges, impacts, successes, and failures of Disability and Women’s Rights Movements Pertinent to the Modern Era (1945), and to say while there were many challenges throughout the journey for these movements neither of them would have achieved what they have today without these struggles. Since women and disabled people led the movements, they feared male and abled counterparts could demolish them, this scared a lot of individuals from participating because of being judged or ridiculed after failing. Disability and Women’s Rights Movements Pertinent to the Modern Era (1945) impacted society with equitable and greater access to education among female and disabled people (Fleischer et al., 2012), this brought forth more competition to the economy and raised the workforce able to participate. It also led to equal social justice among female and disabled persons, without this movement before they were discriminated against and always looked down on for being that particular individual. Disability and Women’s Rights Movements succeeded in accomplishing their goals because they were later supported by human rights commissions and organizations’ intervention, these supports led to untold benefits that still to this day keep changing the lives of these individuals for the greater good.undefinedConclusionundefinedIn summary, Disability and Women’s Rights Movements Pertinent to the Modern Era (1945) had a robust historical background, which gained fame in 1945. The two rights movements’ leadership structure was actuated by activists of the time, like Lucy Stone and Joan Leon. However, they faced particular challenges, like fear of the emergence of civil wars and fear of getting suppressed by superior male and abled counterparts. The reason these movements were so successful, to say the least, is that they came in big numbers, and not only that but they were fighting for something that affected them firsthand so they were fighting for their lives. The impact of Disability and Women’s Rights Movements Pertinent to the Modern Era (1945) yielded equal opportunities for female and disabled individuals. It actualized social justice in women and disabled persons, people of these groups used to be looked down on, and because of the brave people that stood up to the social corruption they no longer have to deal with these issues. The two movements succeeded following the interventions of human rights organizations and changed the world they grew up in for the better, and not just for them but for their future families to come. undefinedReferencesundefinedCrawford, V. L., Rouse, J.A., Woods, B., & Butler, B.(Eds), (1993). Women in the civil rights movement: Trailblazers and torchbearers, 1941-1965(Vol. 16). Indiana University Press.undefinedFleischer, D.Z., Zames, F.D., & Zames, F. (2012). The disability rights movement: FromundefinedCharity to confrontation. Temple University pressundefinedplease follow the prompt, final paper informationIn an 8-page paper (not including the cover page and reference page):Analyze an important social change movement of the pre-modern era (pre-1945).
Analyze an important social change movement of the modern era (post 1945).
Compare and contrast both movements.
Analyze and explain the leadership structure of both movements.
Who led these social change efforts? Was it an individual or a
collective effort? What prompted individuals to become leaders of the
Analyze how the movements parallel or complement each other.
Evaluate the success of these movements in promoting social change.
Be sure to include an introduction, body, conclusion, and reference page, using APA format to cite each of your sources.
Requirements: 8 pages

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