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Hello, I would like you to answer the following questions with showing all your

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Hello, I would like you to answer the following questions with showing all your work, formula, and calculation. Make sure all the work should be in your own words and nothing from the outside resources. 1. (5pts) You are asked to make a buffer solution for a protocol. You need to make 250ml of a 40mM Tris solution. On your laboratory shelf you have a bottle of Tris powder (MW = 121.14g/mol)a) Please determine how much Tris powder you would need to make this (include units!)b) If I wanted you to make a 1:40 dilution of this 40mM stock in 1ml, how much of the 40mM stock would you use? What would the new concentration be? 2. (6pts) You do a set of serial dilutions of a starting stock of 10% BPB. If your total volume when making each dilution is always 5mL, please fill in missing values to outline how the stock is ultimately diluted. A. __________mlB. __________(dilution)C. __________% BPBD. __________(dilution)E. __________ (dilution total, relative to stock)F. __________% BPB3. (3pts) I make four bromophenol blue solutions with the following final concentrations:Final ConcentrationAbsorbance1%0.04%0.10.01%0.002%I measure all of them with the spectrophotometer, but accidently spill ethanol on my lab notebook and the alcohol washes away most of the values from the absorbance column. Please fill in the absorbance values I should have observed (assuming perfect accuracy).4. (2pts) How much NaCl should I use (in grams) to make a 5% solution in a total volume of 250ml? The molecular weight of NaCl is 58.44g/mol.5. (4pts) Briefly explain how the CRISPR system works in bacteria (what it is used for, and the basics of how it works), and how this system can be modified to target any DNA sequence in other organisms. (What are the necessary components, what does each do, etc?)6. (2pts) True or False?__________ If the concentration of a solution decreases, the absorbance reading should decrease as well__________ Non-homologous end joining (NHEJ) is a method cells use to repair double stranded breaks in their DNA, and is usually accurate7. (3pts) Two groups make the following straight dilutions from the 0.2% BPB stock they were given, and get the absorbance readings shown. Briefly describe your interpretation from this data, and name a possible reason to explain why the values are so different from one another. Group 1Group 2DilutionAbsorbance (590nm)DilutionAbsorbance (590nm)1:41.21:42.21:1000.051:1000.091:10000.0041:10000.01These are the question and I’m going to attach the Microsoft file so you have all the details to answer the questions. If you have any questions or concern please let me know. Thank you so much!
Requirements: .doc file

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