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You will assess a marketing communication that employs music (and/or sound effec

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You will assess a marketing communication that employs music (and/or sound effects) as a key source of communicative information.  
Element Assess. 3: Music Format 

Please use the document attached to respond the questions:
which is the Template for Element Assessment #3 – Format: Music (and Sound Effects) 
follow the instructions attached
Sidney Hecker, who in 1984 was the Vice President and Associate Research Director at Young and Rubicam in New York City, said, “Music, when used appropriately, is the catalyst of advertising.  It augments pictures and colors words, and often adds a form of energy available through no other source.”**
As you assess the various elements of the music communication format, your first impulse likely would be to consider the classic elements of music (Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, Timbre, Texture, Form, and Dynamics).  A bolder and more creative — and more useful — approach, however, would be to borrow elements from imagery, rhetoric, etc. and use them to describe, evaluate, and suggest within the realm of music in communication.
Research on music in advertising has shown that music can aid in gaining attention, creating moods, and enhancing message and brand recall.  Researchers have shown that a perceived “fit” or congruence or compatibility between the music and the product or brand in a marketing communication results in stronger communicative meaning.  Music in marketing communications can elicit emotion, create cultural context, emphasize or de-emphasize visual or written elements, build suspense, extend viewing time, and signal finality.
As you describe at an elemental level the music format in your selected marketing communication, evaluate how those various elements are helping or hurting the presumed marketing message, and then make recommendations as to how elements could or should be changed, push yourself beyond the safe realm of describing music in typical musical terms.  A great many visual imagery elements, text elements, rhetoric elements, and even elements from the communication forms of touch, smell, and taste can all be applied to music (and vice versa).  Be creative; be bold; be a marketer.  ~Miyazaki
Be sure to focus your Element Assessment on the music portion, and not the other communication formats (video imagery, speaking, singing, words, etc.) or the communication as a whole.  The “marketing communication” must be designed to communicate a message for a particular brand, product, organization/company, etc. using music as a key communication format.  “Music videos” are not acceptable in that they are designed for entertainment without a particular brand, product, etc. being marketed.  If a list is provided, select from the list.

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