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You need to do two things: Part 1: Read the file named Bonnie Sue Stein that I

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You need to do two things: Part 1:
Read the file named Bonnie Sue Stein that I will upload and then answer the following in the exact order I put. Author: Title: Date published: Subject (Say what the text is about in a very few words): Thesis (What is the author’s point, argument or proposal – in one to three sentences?): What questions does the text raise for you?
Part 2:
then Pick ten minutes of this video to describe for this assignment. I suggest the last section, beginning a 1:19:00. Please write one or two paragraphs (150 words) describing the assigned dance and using the vocabulary and analysis tools we have discussed in class. Your description should be at least five sentences in length with correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and good organization. Please incorporate approaches to analysis from readings and class lectures.
Your descriptions will be evaluated by their level of detail and thoroughness, which will indicate the level of your observation skills. The description should provide a visual image to a reader who has not seen the dance.
the Criteria for description(make sure the description includes the answer to all the following:
1. Title, Choreographer, Form
Student included the title of the dance, the choreographer/company, and the form (if information is available).
2. Description
Student described the choreography and answered the following questions: Who is dancing? What are the bodies doing? Where does the dance take place? How do the dancers move through space?
Description can include shapes on the body, pathways through space, how dancers are organized, major themes or motifs, how the dance makes you feel, what the dance makes you think about.
Written background information was used to support description.

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