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Write an argumentative essay on one of the topics listed below. Your essay, whic

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Write an argumentative essay on one of the topics listed below. Your essay, which counts 15% of your entire course grade, must have the following:
• A standard argumentative structure as discussed in class, whereby only one reason/point is given for each body paragraph
• An engaging introduction paragraph with a strong thesis statement
• Strong body paragraphs that support your thesis with plenty of details and examples
• An engaging conclusion paragraph
• A word count between 1,200 and 1,400 (only the words within the essay’s paragraphs make up the word count)
• Standard English grammar, diction, spelling, punctuation, etc.
• Correctly-formatted pages, according to MLA standards
• Direct quotations from the primary source (that is, the novel itself); the primary source quotations must not exceed 20% of the entire paper
• At least one direct or indirect quotation from only one or two secondary sources found at either the Chattahoochee Technical College library or from the extra material at the end of the Norton edition of The Sound and the Fury; the quotation(s) must not exceed 15% of the entire paper
• Appropriately-placed parenthetical citations(s) and a fully-sourced works cited page for the two or three total sources, according to MLA standards
Remember to write your rough draft first and then find one or two—and only one or two—credible sources to incorporate into your essay in order to enhance and/or support your paper. Do not conduct research prior to outlining and writing the rough draft because any ideas that you take from a source in the form of a direct or indirect quotation must be documented. Now, since the paper assignment requires only one or two sources that make up no more than 15% of your essay, you cannot incorporate very much of other people’s ideas into your paper, so use your source(s) sparingly.
For additional information about essay requirements, please see the “Essay Expectations” section in the course’s essay grading rubric. Failure to comply with any of these essay requirements will result in a substantial deduction of points on the final draft’s grade. Failure to document all sources completely (i.e., plagiarism)—whether intentionally or unintentionally—will result in an automatic zero for the essay’s final draft.

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