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Write an analytical summary of your learning outcomes from chapters 5 and 6.(icl

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Write an analytical summary of your learning outcomes from chapters 5 and 6.(icluded below) In addition to your analytical summary, address the following:
As a manager, discuss how you would use or have used the concepts presented in chapters 5 and 6. Provide numerical examples to support your discussion.
1.     Post your original discussion no later than day Sunday, November 22, 2020 by 11:55PM. Read and respond to at least 3 of your classmates’ posts by Sunday, November 29, 2020 by 11:55PM. See class syllabus for posting requirements.
2.     Be sure to support your work with specific citations using APA formatChapter 5: How Do Organizations Identify Cost Behavior Patterns?
Chapter Introduction
Cost Behavior Patterns
Cost Estimation Methods
The Contribution Margin Income Statement
The Relevant Range and Nonlinear Costs
Appendix: Performing Regression Analysis with Excel
Chapter 6: How Is Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis Used for Decision Making?
Chapter Introduction
Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis for Single-Product Companies
Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis for Multiple-Product and Service Companies
Using Cost-Volume-Profit Models for Sensitivity Analysis
Impact of Cost Structure on Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
Using a Contribution Margin When Faced with Resource Constraints
Income Taxes and Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
Using Variable Costing to Make Decisions

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