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WHAT YOU HAVE TO READ/VIEW/LISTEN Please review the summary of the Adrian Peters

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Please review the summary of the Adrian Peterson case.  Adrian Peterson is an NFL Star running back for the Minnesota Vikings football team.  He recently pled guilty to child abuse in the state of Texas. The NFL on November 18, 2014 issued its discipline on Adrian Peterson and a summary of that action is contained in the second file attached to this set of instructions.  Please review that article in USA today (link below).  Lastly, please listen to my audio podcast that describes the appropriate analysis for a child corporal punishment case (you can ignore the 1st minute addressing an issue from a past class).
(ATTACHED BELOW Adrian Peterson Case Summary
USA Today Article on NFL’s Suspension of Adrian Peterson)
Del Russo Podcast: Corporal punishment may not be a crime in many jurisdictions.  In evaluating a corporal punishment case, many factors must be reviewed.  Professor Del Russo in this audio posting to his students discusses some of the factors which must be analyzed in order to determine whether physically striking a child in an effort to deter undesirable behavior is child abuse.
LINK TO Podcast:
Address whether corporal punishment was appropriate in the Adrian Peterson case.  Focus on the facts of the case as contained in the documents posted here and especially the podcast which describes factors to look for.  Was Mr. Peterson’s conduct abusive?  What factors lead you to conclude one way or the other?  Is there information missing that you would need to know that would make your conclusion better informed?  What information is missing? Did the NFL make an informed and reasonable decision on Mr. Peterson’s discipline? 
Post Due (NO LATER THAN Thursday September 17, 11:00pm EST):

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