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Use the information from the powerpoint I uploaded to you to answer the followin

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Use the information from the powerpoint I uploaded to you to answer the following questions. Please be sure to review Grading Rubric.
1. What did the first televised presidential debate between JFK and Richard Nixon demonstrate about the power of television (explain in detail)?
2. Explain how FDR was able to effectively use the technology of radio during the Great Depression?
3. Explain how the Civil Rights Movement was able to dramatize to the nation and world the horrors of racism and violence?
4. Explain the role of television during the Vietnam War and how it would ultimately change the American people’s opinion about the war. Please be detailed.
Grading Rubric
45 – 50 points – All questions are answered in complete sentences with direct references (not copied) to the information contained in the text. The information is accurate, precise, clear and thorough. The questions are fully explained within the full context of the chapter information.
30 – 40 points – The information is not completely explained in the full context of the reading material. The answers are brief with only a minimum amount of information.
10-20 points – Questions are answered with the use of bullet points. The information is not in complete sentences or is not coherent or explanatory.

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