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This project is turning my previous paper (attachment 1 – Scholarly Essay Final_

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This project is turning my previous paper (attachment 1 – Scholarly Essay Final_WR150) into a pubic intellectual essay. The public-intellectual-essays (PIEs) examples to imitate are attachments 3 and 4. The PIE rubric is attachment 2. Attachment 5 is the Public Intellectual Draft I started.. may you please reformat it with additional information (interviews of migrants mental health) to fit the example models. The interviews I used to far are: 1) 2) If you don’t think they fit then we can take them out as I’m sure you have much more expertise writing public-intellectual essays than me.. Thanks for your assistance, Alexis REQUIRMENTS: Public Intellectual Essay (PIE) Purposes: To practice drawing on research to reach a public audience; to hone your skills in the public genre of the multi-sourced feature essay; to consider the ways in which thinkers engage with issues and ideas outside of academia; to explore the conventions of and motivations for writing up research for a public audience. Assignment: Draw on the research you did for your Scholarly Research Essay to write a new essay for a public audience. Include the research that helps you reach this audience, but feel free to leave those sources that will not contribute in this genre behind the scenes. You may find that, to make your argument relevant in this public forum, you will need to contextualize your argument differently, with a new sense of conversation and significance. To do so will likely require additional research. Requirements: Compose and format the essay following the conventions you’ve noticed in class readings, group discussions, and your own personal readings of periodicals during this module. Instead of adhering to a particular word count, the text of the essay should be comparable in shape (think number and size of paragraphs, turns in the argument, number of exhibits, etc.) to the models we’ve looked at together in this class. Also include a 150-word reflection introducing your model, the publication in which you’ve chosen to place your essay and your rationale for choosing it. Comments: • Use the strategies we’ve discussed in the class for reconsidering your research’s relevance to this different audience by way of this different genre. Perform one or two additional kinds of research that will help you frame your topic in a clearly relevant way. • Assume that your audience is a group of readers from outside of academia who share an interest in culture and value in-depth and carefully reasoned arguments about important topics. • As you draft, revisit the essays you’ve looked at for this class as models of how to do all of the above. Consider the style of your model(s), adopting particular stylistic elements in your own essay.

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