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This creative cumulative review is intended to help you bring concepts from the

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This creative cumulative review is intended to help you bring concepts from the class into your real world experiences and then to capture these connections in a more informal assignment, which allows you to apply social theory in the area and medium of your choice. While the assignments were cumulatively intended to address the first objective, this assignment helps to address a key course objective: Define what “social theory” is and relevant applications of social theory. In this assignment, you are defining what is “relevant.”
For this assignment, you need to choose at least one social theory/theorist (you can draw from more than one, as desired/needed).
Apply this theory/theorist in any way that helps to address a topic that is important/of interest to you. This can span an array of options, such as (but limited to):
Creating your own marketing package/commercial
Writing a song
Creating a YouTube video (or another outlet that you can upload a link to through this assignment) – if you already have a channel, add on to it!
Update/write a blog; draft a “zine” or magazine
Update/create a new Wikipedia page
Draft a pamphlet/promotional material/training guide for your area of interest (this could be where you work, aspire to work, volunteer, an organization of interest; could range from how to make your place of employment more inclusive; how to better treat patients; what to look out for in shelters/how to accommodate and connect with people; to better training guides)
Create a game
Create learning materials (your own, relatable teaching videos, etc.)
Develop a short story; pitch a TV series/mini-series
Develop a pitch for your business plan/opening up a small business
Again, this list is just supposed to show the range of options as a jumping-off point for you. Due to the variety of media I will be accepting, there is not a “rubric” for this particular assignment, especially as I know creation/production time will greatly differ. Video material need to add up to at least 3 – 5 minutes, but can be longer. I understand an ad, for instance, needs to be quick, so you likely would need to create two (although you can contact me if the length of production time is prohibitive because of the quality you are producing; please alert me in cases where I should be alerted to behind-the-scenes issues).
Please use the medium that meets your needs and interests, helps you creatively explore and apply social theory, and would reach your desired audience.
Additionally, in the length needed, explain the inspiration, purpose, and potential outlet/application (and potential appeal and/or extended vision, as applicable) for your work. Depending on what you are uploading, you can use the “comments” section to write this; otherwise, include this in the document you are uploading. This helps to contextualize your work for myself and the GTA.
I am creating a discussion board if anyone would like to share their work with the class more broadly; I definitely encourage you to do so if you have had some creative inspiration and/or would like more feedback! Please do use this as a space to figure out how you could make a change, make sociology more “fun” and/or accessible, and beyond.

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