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This assignment is for the POLS/GOVT 118 (Just War, Natural Rights and the Law o

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This assignment is for the POLS/GOVT 118 (Just War, Natural Rights and the Law of Nations).
Aquinas Assignment—( ) Answer the following QUESTION in a paper of 5-6 pages. Show an understanding of Aquinas’ themes and ideas, demonstrate reading of the text, and an ability to think seriously about these issues yourself.
QUESTION: Aquinas defines law as “an order of reason for the common good by one who has the care of the community and promulgated.” (I-II, Q.90, A.4) What does this definition mean? Is it a good definition? Why? How does it tell us what is truly a law? Why would we want to know this? What would it mean for a legal system to accept this definition?
What the Goal of the Essays Is
The purpose of papers in this class is to get you to practice your abilities—your ability to read and comprehend arguments; your ability to present those arguments; your ability to analyze their meaning (what is the author saying?) and their validity (is it plausible? Is it true? Why?); and your ability to engage in arguments with those readings (what do you think and why? Why should we accept your view? Why do you?) They are not research papers, and quoting other people’s work about the books on its own is not a replacement. You may use other people’s readings of the books to help form your views (whether from class lectures, from introductions in books, or from outside sources) but you must explain what that author is saying and why you think it is good and helpful reading. And it can only be an aid to making your own reading. Doing extra work is good, but copying like a parrot in the place of being an active reader is not what this class is about.
Please read the Aquinas, On Law, Morality, and Politics book (ATTACHED) and use quotes to back up your argument. No outside sources needed. Please don’t use difficult language/words.

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