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These topics are examples to facilitate ideas about policy issues that may be of

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These topics are examples to facilitate ideas about policy issues that may be of interest to you:
RN staffing ratios in your state (legislation and regulations)
Universal health care coverage
Medicare prescription drug legislation
Drugs and consumer marketing
Genetic Non-Discrimination Act (GINA)
Access to midwifery services
Soda policy in public schools
Assisted suicide legislation
BPA in plastic and regulating this based on health concerns
Collect data, research the issue, and prepare materials for a formal presentation. Class readings, outside readings, information from state and national websites, and information from special-interest groups, professional organizations, and other interested parties will be collected and used to frame the health policy issue identified. Preparation is the key to an effective and successful health policy presentation. Each student must be prepared for the presentation. This is a significant portion of the course grade.
The following are suggested issues to include in the presentation: Note: This is not an exhaustive list. Students are expected to collect and present information beyond this list.
What is the history of the health policy issue?
Why is this an important issue in U.S. health policy?
Are there any past or current legislation or voter initiatives regarding this health policy issue? (There does not need to be current legislation being considered; you might be suggesting a legislative action or recommending further attention to this issue by legislators).
If legislation is identified, when was it first introduced or considered and in which part of government?
Who sponsored the legislation? Why?
What is the sponsor’s history with this issue?
What changes were made in the legislation prior to passage or what is the current status of the legislation?
Identification of key stakeholders/interest groups:
What individual or special-interest groups or stakeholders are concerned with this health policy issue? What is their interest?
If there is relevant legislation that groups support or oppose? (This may be in addition to legislation described above.)
Analysis of health policies or legislation to address the issue:
What policies have been proposed to address this issue?
What is the potential or actual effect of any proposed legislation?
Who has been helped (or might be in the future) by the legislation or health policy change?
Financial implications:
What are the costs related to this health policy issue?
What are financial implications of legislation/health policy changes?

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