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these questions and answer might help you.When I arrive for results and discussi

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these questions and answer might help you.When I arrive for results and discussion, do you mean as “my opinion” for discussion? Here you will discuss the significance of your results. Did having Vitamin C reduce the damage received by cells from UV damage (i.e. Could more yeast colonies grow if Vitamin C was present when the cells were exposed to UV? Did having a higher % of vitamin D help more yeast colonies to grow?). Is the antioxidant, vitamin C good for protecting yeast cells?And for the additional key, there is this part want to “images of your plates”, how do I get the image or something? Don’t worry about this portion. It was meant for the students who were doing the in person lab. You just need to include the table (the same table that came with the student handout) in your lab report. Write a paragraph about the results and refer the reader to it. For citations and reference, I see the link that where I find some answers and support for the Yeast lab, right?Or will give me a citation for my research? Find papers that support your results, antioxidants may reduce cellular damage after exposure to UV.

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