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The Library Assignment attachment that I have included contains the citations fo

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The Library Assignment attachment that I have included contains the citations for the exact sources that must be used and cited.  It must be in MLA format with a works cited page in alphabetical order at the end.  It must be a minimum of 7 pages and each number from below should be numbered and answered fully.    
you are to write a paper of approximately 7-8 pages in length where you complete each of the following tasks. Each item should be numbered and completed separately.
Briefly      name and identify your subject, focusing on the main reason for her importance. Think of this as      providing a meaningful introduction to your paper. Do not include      information in this introduction that is more appropriate to include in a      later section of the paper.
Tell      me why you selected this individual. This should be a personal and      thoughtful response.
Tell      me when this individual lived and name the period/topic/or event that we      studied in class with which she is associated.
Explain      what this individual accomplished to make her important to the history of      American women or to the advancement of women’s rights. You should      identify the factors or influences that caused her to become interested in      women’s issues, very specifically describe how she advanced the cause of      women throughout her work or career, and conclude with an assessment of      the lasting impact and influence of her life and work. 
This should be the heart of your       paper and the longest part of it. Write this section as you would write a typical essay, with       appropriate paragraph construction, logical, coherent organization, and       in-text citations documenting the sources of your information. 
End       this section of the paper with a       thoughtful conclusion, where you relate your subject to the general       information you learned in class. Here I would like you to think about       some general points, such as these:
What       do the experiences of your subject reveal to us (or not reveal to us)       about the lives of other women in that time period? Was your subject       representative of other women of her day, or different from them in       significant ways? How did her social class or family background influence       the choices she made, or the opportunities available to her?
How       did your subject become conscious and aware of gender limitations? Was she targeted or vilified because       she was a woman, or did she achieve fame despite the fact she was a       woman? Would you call her a “feminist”? Why or why not?
Did       learning about your subject help you to develop a deeper appreciation for       American history in any way? For example, if your woman was involved in       the American Revolution or Civil War, did studying her life give you new       insights into those conflicts? If your woman was a suffrage leader, did       you come to value the vote more as you reflected upon her struggles? 
In      this next section of the paper, I would like you to find and read a short      piece of writing produced by your individual. This excerpt may come from      an electronic database, from an anthology of collected primary sources in      American Women’s History, from History Online (which has a separate      category listing for primary sources), or from the primary sources      collected in your textbook. Remember that learning how to find sources is an objective of this      assignment. Once you find your      document, COPY AND PASTE a copy of the document you read to      this paper, and summarize the document by including the following points:
· Name, date, and identify the document
· Why was it written?
· Summarize it briefly
· What ideas about women’s rights or women’s experiences, problems, or roles are discussed in it?
· How does the document illustrate the main concerns of your subject?
In a      brief paragraph, explain how specific information we learned in class      helped you to understand the words/concepts/terms referenced in the source      materials you read. For example, if      your subject was Sarah Josepha Hale, explain how our class discussion of      the cult of true womanhood equipped you to understand the information      being presented in your research materials. If your subject was Sojourner      Truth, explain how our class discussion of women’s involvement in the      abolition movement provided a context that helped you to understand your      research.
In a      brief paragraph, explain how this project helped you to develop your      information literacy skills. What      did you learn how to do in this assignment that you did not know how to do      before? Did you learn anything about different types of research materials      from the choices and selections you made? Be specific.
Finally,      in a reflective conclusion, explain how doing this research helped you to      achieve one or more of the specific content goals of this      course. Do not discuss information literacy here, because you have already      discussed this in #7 above. Review      your course syllabus to remind you of other course goals. There are five      content-based goals in all.

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