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The Gift of Therapy- Reflection Paper Guide 1. This paper will be 4-5 pages in l

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The Gift of Therapy- Reflection Paper Guide 1. This paper will be 4-5 pages in length. Include both your thoughts and feelings concerning what you have read. Discuss content in the book and your experience while reading that content. 2. Content: read at least 50-pages from any part of the book. After you have read at least 50-pages of the book, choose 4-5 of the points in the book that captured your attention most. In your paper, you may devote roughly equal amounts of writing to each point or you may want to focus your writing on a few of those points while briefly discussing the other points. That is fine, as long as you discuss 4-5 points. 3. Experience: Questions to respond to concerning your experience while reading the points you have chosen to focus on include the following: a. Describe both your thoughts and feelings concerning the advice Yalom provides. What did you think on a personal level while you read the points in this book? What did you think of them as a developing professional social worker? b. What was your visceral reaction to these points? How did you feel while you read the points Yalom makes? Did some passages stimulate particularly strong feelings? If so, explain specifically what those feelings were and why the passages had this effect on you. i. You may use first person (i.e., “I”) to describe your thoughts and feelings in this paper. 4. Finally, at the end of the paper, include a brief discussion of what you think it might be like to engage in therapy, as a client, with Yalom. a. In addition, include a discussion about whether or not Yalom’s advice affected you in terms of your personal development and how his advice affected you. b. In addition, and most importantly, discuss whether or not Yalom’s points influenced you as a developing professional social worker. c. Will Yalom’s points influence your practice with clients? Why or why not? If so, how will his salient points influence your practice with clients? d. Offer some specific ways you will work Yalom’s advice into your practice. If you plan to eschew Yalom’s advice, what will you do differently as you work with clients that you think will be more effective or better for them? 5. In this paper, add page numbers each time you refer to specific parts of the book. Normally, you would only do this when you are including specific quotes. Including page numbers will be helpful as you reflect on elements of the book. Other than this unique change, (and the usage of first person), use APA style for the paper. *If you listen to the audiobook version of the book, each time you refer to a specific part of the book/points discussed by Yalom, identify the chapter # and title of the chapter from the section of the book you are referring to. 6. You may include some very brief summaries or quotes of material from the book to provide context for your discussion of those passages. However, do not summarize or quote large passages from the book. (I already have the book!)

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