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The following steps and elements are required: In the introduction, provide a br

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The following steps and elements are required: In the introduction, provide a brief history of the issue you are investigating, state the purpose of your inquiry, and refer to Chomsky’s commentaries in this part of your presentation. Write a brief summary of each of the articles, videos, or audio clips you choose. Your summary should be half the length of the analysis you do on each article. Discuss how each media outlet angles the story in its own distinctive way. Consider the intended audience and purpose. How is the political bias of the media outlet revealed in its presentation? Look at aspects such as the language reporters use, the use and nature of visuals (pictures), the choice of interviewees, the location of the item on the web site, the language contained in the title, and any other aspects of the coverage that illustrate how that network “angles” the story in a particular way. Compare and contrast articles to show how reporters’ political orientations vary. In the last section of your paper, discuss McLuhan’s ideas of the global village and retribalization. In light of your media inquiry, how do you (or do you not) see McLuhan’s ideas applying? ,……….I would like it to be on Climate change>>>>>>>

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