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Since childhood, your dream has always been to open a hair salon. You have just

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Since childhood, your dream has always been to open a hair salon. You have just graduated from college, and are ready to make that dream come true. All you need is some money. To obtain a loan from the bank, you need to present a business plan which deUsing Microsoft Word, develop a one or two page plan which includes
why you are seeking a loan, and how you expect to make money. Your plan
should include the type of hair services (haircut, hair wash, hair dye,
perm etc.), top selling hair products (shampoo, conditioner, hair serum,
dye etc.) you may carry, and other details you want to include (e.g.
how much to borrow from Bank, how much annual profit to gain).The
plan must have a header which includes your name, the proposed salon
name, and the date of submission. You must also include at least two
pictures of the hair services or products you wish to sell.The plan also needs to look nice – feel free to play with fonts, text sizes, layout, etc.Using Microsoft Excel, create a spreadsheet which shows your revenue and expenses.List
at least 4 hair services & 4 hair products you will be selling. For
each product, you need to show labor (hiring staff to purchase &
sell) cost, purchase cost (what you pay), selling price (what you expect
the customer to pay); for each service you need to show labor (hiring
hairdresser) cost, material (water, power, equipment, chemicals etc.)
cost and selling price, advertising cost (per service/product), and
profit. (Profit is the total of the costs subtracted from the price.)Once
you have created the spreadsheet, use the profits to create a graph
which shows each service/product and how it contributes to your overall
business income. (In other words, how do the profits compare between the
8 different services/products.)

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