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Review the opinion piece entitled, “What Eight Years of Writing the Bad Science

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Review the opinion piece entitled, “What Eight Years of Writing the Bad Science Column Have Taught Me (Links to an external site.)” by Ben Goldacre. After reading the article, write a 2 page Reflection Paper that includes your responses to the following questions: In your own words, how would you define science (i.e., research studies) that is “bad” vs science (i.e., research studies) that is “good”? In the article, the author identifies several stakeholders (e.g., pharmaceutical companies, scientists, politicians, journalists, etc.) who contribute in some way to “bad science”. Select one of these stakeholder groups, and explain at least one solution that they can practice to combat or reduce bad science. Explain why you think maintaining transparency when conducting and/or reporting on research studies is so important. As someone who reviews research studies for healthcare decision making, what strategies can you practice to determine whether a research study is good or bad? Explain your answer in detail.

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