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Question 1 (15 points) Bond Value: 10,000 Bond Matures in: 15 years Coupon: 9% I

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Question 1 (15 points) Bond Value: 10,000 Bond Matures in: 15 years Coupon: 9% Interest Rate: 3% What is the Value of the Bond? Please show calculation. Question 2 (15 points) Barney Company makes and sells stuffed animals. One product, Michael Bears, sells for $28 per bear. Michael Bears have fixed cost of $100,000 per month and a variable cost of $12 per bear. How many Michael Bears must be produced and sold each month to break even? Question 3 (15 points) Simple Moving Average (SMA) – Technical Analysis Calculating Moving Averages Tutorial How To… Calculate Simple Moving Averages in Excel 2010 The Instant Paper Clip Office Supply Company sells and delivers office supplies to companies, schools, and agencies within a 50-mile radius of its warehouse. The office supply business is competitive, and the ability to deliver orders promptly is a big factor in getting new customers and maintaining old ones. (Offices typically order not when they run low on supplies, but when they completely run out. As a result, they need their orders immediately.) The manager of the company wants to be certain that enough drivers and vehicles are available to deliver orders promptly and that they have adequate inventory in stock. Therefore, the manager wants to be able to forecast the demand for deliveries during the next month. From the records of previous orders, management has accumulated the following data Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Orders 120 90 100 75 110 50 75 130 110 90 A. Compute the monthly demand forecast for April through November using a 3-month moving average. B. Compute the monthly demand forecast for June through November using a 5-month moving average. Question 4 (15 points) Which of the following is FALSE regarding the Federal Reserve? A. It controls the money supply. B. It issues debit cards. C. It supervises member banks. D. It is called the lender of last resort. Question 5 (40 points) Anthony Downs presents the liberal argument about the government budgeting, while James Buchanan presents the conservative argument about government. Since the Democrat won the presidenctial election, you will critique Anthony Downs. Do you agree or disagree with his overall point? Why? What exactly is he saying? (Answers in 2 pages max)

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