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Prepare a written analysis of the following What is happening in the area of exe

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Prepare a written analysis of the following What is happening in the area of executive compensation, and what do you think about it? Instructions: 1. Check the latest reports on CEO pay. Get the facts and prepare a brief report as if you were writing a short, informative article for Fortune magazine. The title of your article should be “Status Report: Where We Stand Today on CEO Pay.” 2. Address the equity issue: Are CEOs paid too much, especially relative to the pay of average workers? 3. Address the pay for performance issue: (referred to in ch 10) Do corporate CEOs get paid for performance or for something else? What do the researchers say? What do business periodicals say? Find some examples to explain and defend your answers to these questions. 4. Address the social responsibility issue: Should CEOs accept pay that is many times the amounts that workers receive? 5. Take a position: Should a limit be set on CEO pay? If not, why not? If yes, what type of limit should be set? Who, if anyone, should set these limits-the government, company boards of directors, or someone else? A PowerPoint for ch10 is included. If further information is needed, I can provide.

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