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Please watch these videos below and read the NPR article which discuss code-swit

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Please watch these videos below and read the NPR article which discuss code-switching. As we work more with cultural borders, we can see how language plays a huge part in how we define culture as evidenced by the articles we read last week. I want us to ponder and work this week with cultural concepts that dictate the way we use language and how a shift or switch in language can be seen as crossing a border, much like in the way Munoz described in his article last week. These videos are captioned, just press the CC button or little thought bubble in the bottom right corner if the captions don’t immediately show up when you start the video. I have also included the transcripts to McWhorter’s and Boroditsky’s TED Talks. John McWhorter (TED) | “Txting is Killing Language…JK!!”TranscriptKatelynn Duggins (TEDx) | “To Code Switch or Not to Code Switch? That is the Question.”Lera Boroditsky (TED) | “How Language Shapes the Way We Think”TranscriptMatt Thompson (NPR) | “Five Reasons Why People Code Switch”Five Reasons Why People Code-Switch.pdfMinimize File PreviewThen, answer the following questions in journal form:What did you learn from the videos about language, code-switching, or how the language we use can create a cultural border?
What were your reactions as you watched? Were you surprised? Did you find yourself agreeing or disagreeing?
Has working with these resources changed how you view language? Why or why not?

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