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Please use what you have learned about the history of China (from the Three Dyna

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Please use what you have learned about the history of China (from the Three Dynasties period to the Tang Dynasty) to clarify if you agree with the following statements and to justify your position:
The evidence of history negates the long-standing myth of Chinese isolation and isolationism. Well before the advent of Europeans to East Asia in modern times, China was integrated into a wide-ranging network of commercial, intellectual, religious, and cultural contacts that linked it with the whole of Asia, the eastern Mediterranean, and periodically even lands farther afield. From earliest times China sought out and took in a vast range of foreign imports, in the form of both material goods and new knowledge, and spread abroad its own material and spiritual civilization.
Several requirements:
1. Length: At least 1,000 words.
2. Format: 12 size, Times New Roman font; 1 inches margins; double-spaced; typed in Microsoft Word (or its Apple equivalent); submitted in .doc or PDF format only.
3. No requirements on footnotes/endnotes in midterm; you may use them or not; if you use footnotes/endnotes, you may follow either Chicago style or MLA style.
A special notes:
Academic integrity: Any behavior that violates the rule of academic integrity will lead to an F to midterm AND this course. Students involved will be immediately reported to the Office of Student Conduct of the University and will be simultaneously expelled from this course.

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