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Please review the excel sheet and answer the following questions. I do not need

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Please review the excel sheet and answer the following questions. I do not need you to answer the Demographic Questions – that file is there in order for you to see the original survey questions. Please any graph or pivot table necessary? Use Excel to answer the following questions from the results of the demographic survey. The questions and results are included again below. – Which of the sections has the highest average (mean) age? Provide that average and the average for each of the other sections. – What is the Standard Deviation for the section with the highest average? In this example, I am using mean and average interchangeably. -Which of the sections has the highest median age? Provide that median and the median for each of the other sections. Both the mean and the median are measures of “central tendency” for characteristics of a group (such as age.) With this dataset, which of the two measures, mean or median would be a better representation of average age – mean or median, and why? -Find a significant descriptive statistical difference between the different sections and describe them? In other words, look at the data for the different sections and find something that is distinctly different from one section to another. For example, one section may have significantly more marketing majors. Show me that data, and describe how might it be useful in deciding how to teach that class differently? -What is the most common car brand in Section 002, and don’t use “none”? Create a column chart showing the number of owners of each car brand in Section 002. Include the chart in your submission, and include the “none” category in your data.

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