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Please respond to each of the following questions. Each response should be no m

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Please respond to each of the following questions. Each response should be no more than 750 words (no more than 2250 words altogether). The essays are equally weighted (100 points total). Was Hobbes a liberal? Why or why not?
In what ways, if at all, is Rousseau’s theory of the social contract relevant today?
Briefly explain the concept of intersectionality and its significance for the study of politics.
I expect each of you to work independently and to conceptualize and write your own original responses. Obviously, I cannot enforce this, but I can and do trust you, as Men of Morehouse. You may use your notes, and you are expected to consult the texts. You MUST support each response with textual evidence. More specifically, each response must include at least two quotations taken directly from the assigned course readings. No single style guide predominates in political theory, so you may choose which one you’d like (Chicago, MLA, APA, etc.) – just be consistent. If you have questions about citations or references, please let me know. Your papers should be single-spaced.
I will provide the text from the class I needy you to use you can also use whatever sources you want but at least two of the ones I provide must be in the paper the paper doesn’t need to be long I just need the three questions answered with each response having at least 750 words. This video will also help you

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