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Please make sure that it is your own work and not copy and paste off of someone

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Please make sure that it is your own work and not copy and paste off of someone else work. Please make sure that you watch out for spelling and grammar errors. Please read the study guide and make sure that you use the APA 6th or 7th edition because its very important. This teacher is very picky when it comes to the work so follow the directions that are given.
Book Reference:  McKeen, J. D., & Smith, H. A. (2019). IT strategy & innovation (4th ed.). Prospect Press. 9781943153435 
In Unit VIII, you will submit your final research paper. The research paper will be on a subject of your choice within the realm of technology and innovation management. It is suggested that you focus on a topic addressed in the course for which you have an interest. Once you have chosen your topic, please e-mail your professor for topic approval.
Once your topic is approved, you will then search the Internet for examples of organizations that have embraced information technology (IT) and have proven successful in the area you have chosen for your topic. Suggested areas for further research of an organization may include its examples of employee workforce, communications, suppliers and partnerships, accountability, and security and risk.
Your research paper in the next unit will address the benefits and challenges of your chosen topic, and it will explain how organizations relate strategically to their IT functions.
Your final research paper due in Unit VIII will include information on the topics listed below.
Identify one or more of the technologies addressed in this course for in-depth analysis of past, present, and future trends and evolution.
Describe the challenges of preparing leadership to manage emerging technologies.
Analyze the impact of advanced technologies on the enterprise.
Describe the role of internal and external management of demand for technology.
Explain the evolving role of the stakeholder in the technological environment—employees, customers, communities.
Discuss the role of technologies in the transition from products to services.
In this unit, you will create and submit an annotated bibliography of five peer-reviewed sources from the CSU Online Library that you will use as the basis of your paper. The five sources that you select are those that you consider to be relevant to your topic. The bulk of your sources should be taken from empirical studies (i.e., studies that collect and analyze data to draw conclusions) rather than conceptual studies.
Write a brief paragraph that summarizes each source. Be sure to emphasize the research; critique the research questions, methodology, and findings of the article; and explain each source’s relevance and importance to the topic.
Your annotated bibliography should be two to three pages in length. Cite the sources in proper APA style. The citations should be organized in alphabetical order.
The following resource(s) may help you with this assignment.
Citation Guide
CSU Online Library Research Guide
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