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Page 1 (a) Describe briefly and concisely how CIMT may be used for the screening

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Page 1 (a) Describe briefly and concisely how CIMT may be used for the screening of Ischemic Stroke, and how a CT scan may be used for the diagnosis of the disease. (b) Describe in depth and with sufficient details: -The procedure of CIMT and its instrumentation setup, with the aid of simple schematics or figures. -The reasons why a CT scan instead of Sonography is used for the diagnosis of strokes -Give examples of CIMT images with and without atherosclerotic plaque accumulation within the carotid artery -The role played by both the above medical technology in the screening and diagnosis of ischemic stroke. Page 2 For the following terms, with the help of relevant schematics, pictures or diagrams, explain in simple terms (from scratch): (a) What they are and (b) How they are related to the condition/risk factor/progression/diagnosis/imaging/complications/treatment of the disease. Your descriptions and explanations of these terms should have sufficient details and should be systematic and coherent: -Short axis (SA) view (B-mode and Colour Doppler_ of the common carotid arteries -IMT values: Normal values adjusted to age -Middle cerebral artery infarct -Thrombolysis: Recombinant tissue plasminogen activators (rtPA)

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