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Overview For this discussion, you’ll be selecting a public company that produces

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For this discussion, you’ll be selecting a public company that produces an annual report to shareholders. I selected American Express.. .
It needs to be a public company, whose stock is traded on one of the public stock exchanges, like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or Nasdaq.
Deliverable Expectations…
Read the chairman/CEO letter from the most recent annual report of American Express. For most companies, this will be the annual report for calendar or fiscal year 2019. Do your research and include your reference/ citations
If the company you selected only produced a Form 10-K, then you’ll need to find another company to evaluate. Please check ?
Write a brief assessment that gives your evaluation of the overall effectiveness of the chairman/CEO letter. Back up your assessment with a strong argument using concepts from the readings and lessons.
I’d also like to see your thoughts on:
What did the leader do well?
Did you get a clear sense of both the prior year’s highlights and how the results related to future goals?
Give one example.
If you were advising the leader on ways to improve the annual report itself and the letter, what would you include?
Be specific.
Include the following “score” in your assessment.
On a scale of 1-10, with 1 poor and 10 outstanding, how well did the company present its financial highlights?
Cite one specific example (positive or negative) that backs up your score and be sure to use an outside source.
Post your initial response and assessment by the end .
Due :
What you should post:
A link to the annual report
Succinct answers to all the items above, and specific examples (and source) when noted.
Please pay attention to all questions/ requirements don’t skip anything I asked for ..let me know if you’ve any questions.. thanks

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