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Need to make a response of 1 page regarding the readings I have attached below.

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Need to make a response of 1 page regarding the readings I have attached below. Briefly touch upon these questions listed below as well in the response: 1. What’s the topic of biomedical ethics? What is the difference between ethics in general and biomedical ethics in particular? 2. What is the difference between biomedical ethics and biomedical law? 3. What’s the difference between ethics and religion? Also, consider these pointers below when writing the response. There is no specific question to this assignment. This is more of a free assignment where we just talk about anything after reading these attachments below. Just keep in mind to answer the questions above and consider the [oointers below when writing this response. **This should be from a Canadian Focus Make fruitful contributions. Fruitful contributions help others achieve more clarity or understanding on important points. This can be done in many ways. For example, you might: •highlight an important philosophical assumption being made •help clarify an important argument or position •point to evidence in favor of one interpretation of a controversial passage in the readings •consider the evidence for an alternative interpretation of a passage in the readings •offer a counterexample to a position •show how a position can avoid an alleged counterexample •offer reasons to think that an important claim/thesis is true •revise a thesis, in light of an objection •shed light on the consequences a thesis would have, if it were true

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