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Module 01 Reflection and Written Assignment – Racial Diversity in the Classroom

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Module 01 Reflection and Written Assignment – Racial Diversity in the Classroom
Step 1: Case Scenario
Read the following case first; then proceed to the next steps.
You are a teacher in a small rural community. The student population of your district is 80% white, and students of color have only recently become a permanent part of the community. Some of the minority student’s families have moved into the district and others are part of your school because of open enrollment that allows students living in other districts to attend.
Crystal (a Hispanic student) who is a sophomore in your class asks if she can speak with you after school. She reports to you that in her social studies class they were having a class discussion about immigration policy, and several students made disparaging remarks about people from Central America who were trying to immigrate into the country. Crystal’s family immigrated into the country only 4 years ago and she knows of families who are currently trying to immigrate as well. She says that the teacher laughed as some students offered stereotypes about people of Hispanic origin. Crystal points out that she hears these types of comments in the halls, but this time it was happening in the classroom and she felt both uncomfortable and embarrassed.
Step 2: Reflection Part
Think about the following:
As a teacher, what do you say to Crystal?
Do you address this issue with Crystal’s social studies teacher?
After you have thought through your position on this scenario, apply your thinking to this week’s philosopher and complete Step 3 – the writing part of this assignment.
Step 3: Writing Part
Plato and a colleague have overheard the overtly racist comments made by students to Crystal outside of a just concluded class. In a previous conversation with the colleague, Plato was told that as long as the students don’t use that kind of language in your classroom, it is best to ignore it as “they don’t mean anything by it.”
For the Module 01 Assignment, in 2-3 pages share your insights and support as you address the following areas in your paper:
In the introduction (1-2 paragraphs), explain how you think Plato’s philosophy of justice could be relevant to this situation.
In the analysis section (2-3 paragraphs), demonstrate how Plato’s theory of justice could address this issue. Support your analysis with quotes or paraphrases from Plato’s philosophy.
In the application of the philosophy (1-2 paragraphs), share your recommendations for how this case could be solved. Use APA format and citation when writing your assignment.

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