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Measurement in quality improvement allows a Quality Improvement (QI) team to dem

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Measurement in quality improvement allows a Quality Improvement (QI) team to demonstrate current performance (or baseline), set goals for future performance, and monitor the effects of changes as they are made. Successful measurement is a cornerstone of successful improvement. How do you know if the changes you are making are leading to improvement? Simple – you measure. Measurement does not have to be difficult or time-consuming. The key is to pick the right measures so that the quality improvement team can see results quickly and are able to adapt their interventions accordingly, putting less strain on resources and more focus on outcomes.
In order to recognize when we have achieved our goals, it is important to define what our ‘better’ state looks like, and measure to know if the changes we make result in the improvements we seek. The best approach is through the measurement of items called indicators, performance measures or measures.
Through the process of research and discussion with your peers in this course, identify at least 5 key questions you would need to ask so as to be able to design an effective measurement system for a manufacturing environment (like autom`obile manufacturing). Your quality measurement system should provide a view of the system from the outcomes, to the processes, to the unintended impacts. In your post provide a rationale for the choices you make and also discuss how your choices would vary (if at all) when designing such a measurement system for the service sector ( say a transit system).
Important note: use 1-2 sources that are available to everyone (use simple sources from google where everyone has access to it) and provide hyperlink so I know where to find the sources

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