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Many factors contributed the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo. However, Napoleo

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Many factors contributed the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo. However, Napoleon brought a mindset honed over decades of previous war and numerous successful military operations. During the planning and execution of the Waterloo operation, he made numerous decisions that arguably influenced the outcome of the campaign and, particularly, the Battle of Waterloo. How could such an experienced and successful commander be defeated? Read the article “Thirteen Critical Decisions at Waterloo” by Frank W. Myers. It is available at this link or at the bottom of the Week 4 content page. Of the 13 decisions that Myers discusses, select the two that you think contributed the most to Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo. For each of the decisions you selected, write at least two paragraphs that: a) explain the context of the decision and the principle(s) of war you think Napoleon was following or was violating b) explain your analysis of why the decision you selected contributed the most to Napoleon’s defeat Your submission should be a MINIMUM OF four paragraphs total. Save your quiz response in a .doc or .docx file and upload it to the Quiz 2 Assignment folder by 11:59 PM ET on Tuesday, Sep 15th. You are not required to write introduction or conclusion paragraphs. Simply answer the questions above using strong supporting arguments for your position. Reminders: 1 paragraph = 3 to 5 sentences DO NOT simply paraphrase or quote the article to answer the questions – explain your reasoning IN YOUR OWN WORDS

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