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Managing (through) Downsizing Also, it’s worth twice the points of our other dis

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Managing (through) Downsizing Also, it’s worth twice the points of our other discussions. Get engaged & show what you know!] I will attach the textbook and reading articles she provided us with. You are each a manager in one of the departments that make up the Domestic Widget Division of Shegotz Biz, Inc. Due to a major change in the organization’s strategic plan, your division has been told it will undergo a 10% reduction in force (RIF) through strategic cuts in each department. The last RIF was in 2009, which was brought on by the drastic slowdown in sales due to the economic downturn. This RIF decision, however, is not being driven by negative external forces. Instead, the leadership team believes that reducing the emphasis on the domestic market and refocusing on selling to global markets will lead to strong gains and improving profits going forward. The fact that the business is doing well means the RIF will likely be a surprise for most employees. In all, 47 employees will be let go (though 457 will be retained). Departments will lose 4-9 employees each, with some losing a full third of their staffing. You, your director, and the other managers in the division have been meeting to work on the RIF for 7 weeks. The decisions about how the cuts will be distributed across the departments and which employees will be let go have already been made, HR has been notified, and the date has been set for four weeks from now (now= the day this discussion starts). You are meeting with your division director in one week to finalize the communication plan that will be used to carry out this downsizing event. You’ve been instructed to share your recommendations prior to the meeting, then work online with your peer managers to decide how to tell the victims and survivors about the downsizing decision and the impact it will have on their employment. The date is coming fast and there’s much to prepare, so it’s imperative that your group have the plan ready by the end of this week. Original Posting Include the following in your recommendations for the RIF’s communication plan. (Be sure to explain the rationales for your recommendations) Part I: Your Assessment of the Situation 1. Explain one critical piece of contextual analysis you need to consider. 2. Explain one critical piece of audience analysis you could use to help you craft this communication plan. Part II: Your Tactical Recommendations 1. What is one of your communication objectives for the victims? In addition, when will you tell them? How will you do this specifically? 2. What is one of your communication objectives for the survivors? In addition, when will you tell them? How will you do this specifically? Part III: Implications for Implementers There is no way this process won’t be hard for your employees and for you, as the people who have to implement the RIF. What can you incorporate into this process or communication plan to alleviate some of the stress & strain you, as the management team, will experience? One page should do it but will pay if you have to go to two

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