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Make sure you have somewhere to write your answers, and some way of uploadingyou

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Make sure you have somewhere to write your answers, and some way of uploadingyour solutions. – If you have a tablet, you can probably just download the exam pdf and write the answers directly on the pdf. – Otherwise, make sure you have paper to write your answers and make sure you have some way of scanning the exams. 1.2. Things you are allowed to use. • You should solve all problems without consulting another human being. • You may use the course textbook/lecture slides/lecture videos. • You may use Mathematica/any similar software. Any resource you use should be acknowledged. 1.3. Grading. • All problems are worth 3 points. • To get all 3 points, your answer should be correct and you should clearly explain which tools from class you used to solve the problem what auxiliary computations you had to make. 1.4. Presentation. • Your name and perm number should be written clearly at the top of the exam. • If you are scanning your assignment, make sure whatever you scanned is legible. Write in pen. 1• The things you write on your solution should be things you want the grader to read and understand. Explain how you got your solutions using words arranged in a grammatically sensible manner. – What kind of integral are you computing? – What tools from lecture are you using? – What are you using technology to help with? What are you doing by hand? To me, ”justifying your work” means answering these types of questions. If you scribble a bunch of computations on your page and submit that, I will be very confused. Equations/computations, which are not accompanied by words, can not be understood by humans. 2COPYRIGHT: DO NOT REPOST ONLINE 2. Problems 2.1. Problem One. Let E be the region: 5×2 + 2xy + 10y2  8 Find the area of E. Hint: try using u = x + 3y, v = 2x ” y.

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