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KNH 184: Assignment 6 – Measurement of Motor Learning and Performance*Before att

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KNH 184: Assignment 6 – Measurement of Motor Learning and Performance*Before attempting Assignment 6, you should thoroughly review Module 6.2 Measurement of Motor Learning.Using Excel or another suitable graphing software, create a properly labeled chart including performance curves, retention interval and retention tests for the data presented below, and then answer these two questions.1) Which group of softball players improved fielding performance the most during the 10-week practice phase?2) Which group of softball players exhibited superior learning of fielding?Fielding = to catch or pick up the ball after it has been hit in a game such as baseball or softballTwo groups of softball players practiced fielding for 10 weeks with each group using a different practice technique. At the end of each week, all players’ fielding performance was tested using a 50-trial fielding test. The data below reflects the average number of errors made on the fielding tests by each group. RI = 10-week retention interval; RT = a 50-trial fielding retention rest.WeekGroup AGroup B1882973854765746657548539431053RI = 10 weeksRT45Using Canvas, submit your chart and answers to questions 1 and 2 by Friday, Oct. 16 at 11:59 PM.

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