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Is Mindfulness Fact or Fake? Mindfulness is a very controversial topic and psych

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Is Mindfulness Fact or Fake? Mindfulness is a very controversial topic and psychologists have discussed and debated this topic on both sides of the coin. You are to analyze two articles one on each side of the coin. In other words, locate one article that is stating that Mindfulness is real and assists people and then locate another article that states Mindfulness is considered Pseudo Psychology and it is a fake. This assignment calls for the comparative of 2 scholarly journal articles.
Locate 2 scholarly journal articles; one article should be on the Pro side and one article on the Con side of Mindfulness. Each article should have connections to Mindfulness. The pro side represents it as being a real area of psychology and the other article should be on the Con side of Mindfulness with the article representing Mindfulness as basically Pseudo Psychology. After reading and analyzing both articles you are to create your assignment in a word document with a minimum of 450-650-word count. Compare the facts from both articles and in the last paragraph add your personal thoughts on Mindfulness and whether you agree it is real or disagree and it is a farce and explain why. Cite both articles in APA format.

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