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Insurance Spray Paint and Open Flame A renovator is hired to build a two-story

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Insurance Spray Paint and Open Flame A renovator is hired to build a two-story addition to an existing home, plus significant renovations, including finishing part of the basement. In the final inspection, the homeowner points out problems with the paint in the furnace room. The renovator sends his painting sub-contractor out to do the touch up. The painter does not turn off the gas-fired furnace. He begins to use the paint spray can just as the furnace burner lights up — the can explodes, injuring the painter and starting a fire, which destroys a large part of the house and its contents. Fortunately, no-one else is injured. Damages exceed the original cost of the renovation project. Please discuss the above scenario and present your answers to the following questions: What steps could the renovator have taken to prevent this accident?
Who is responsible? In addition, if the fire spreads to a neighboring property who is responsible?
Who will end up paying?
If the painter was one of the renovator’s own staff instead of being a subcontractor.

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