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Instructions SPMA 3P96 – Globalization of Sport Fall 2020 – Midterm Take-home Ex

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SPMA 3P96 – Globalization of Sport
Fall 2020 – Midterm Take-home Exam
Dr. Nick Burton
(30 Total Marks | 20% of your overall course grade)
For this take-home midterm, you are required to complete a critical essay, drawing on lecture materials – including and specifically all lecture notes, assigned readings, videos, and additional content – as well your own supplementary research. Your essay should apply all relevant course content and should demonstrate your appreciation of the core concepts and globalization topics from both a theoretical and practical perspective. Your midterms will be evaluated based on your ability to synthesize content and to explain the interconnected nature of the content covered week-to-week in lecture. Think critically about the relationships that exist between concepts, as well as the broader application of those concepts within the context through which they have been explored.
Your essay should begin with a clearly stated thesis statement, succinctly establishing the purpose and objective of your response to the following topic scenario:
Select one of the newly announced sports for either the upcoming Tokyo 2020 (now 2021) Summer Olympic Games, or the 2024 Paris Summer Olympic Games*, and explain the socio-cultural history and importance of that sport, its links to the five spheres of globalization, and the implications of that sport’s inclusion in the Olympic Games program for both sport governance and management.
(*for a list of the eligible sports, please see below)
Your essay will be assessed based on the following (please see page 3 for a complete grading rubric):
• How clearly, directly, and effectively you answer and address your stated thesis statement;
• The completeness and accuracy of your answer in addressing the midterm topic statement;
• The depth of thought, reasoning, critical appreciation, and application of course materials
• Your ability to demonstrate an appreciation and understanding of pertinent concepts and their
application to sport management theory and practice;
• The clarity of writing and presentation of arguments, and adherence to submission requirements.
*Eligible Sports
• Tokyo 2020: baseball/softball, karate, sport climbing, surfing, and skateboarding
• Paris 2024: Breaking, sport climbing, skateboarding, surfing
For additional information on the criteria set by the International Olympic Committee by which new sports are decided and accepted into the Olympic program, please see the following (which are allowed to be used and referenced in your essays): event/#53184f0c2ce9
Formal Requirements for Submission
Your essay must adhere to the following formatting standards.
Any deviation from these will result in an automatic 10% deduction from your final exam grade.
Format: APA (All referencing, document formatting, in-text citations) Length: 1,200-1,800 words, excluding references/title page
Font: Times New Roman, 12-point
File: Single Microsoft Word .doc or .docx only

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