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I’m working on a economics writing question and need support to help me study.3

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I’m working on a economics writing question and need support to help me study.3 pagesResearch and answer the following questions thoroughly. Do not bullet point your answers.Provide your answers with at least 5 sentences per question, complete sentences, and paragraphs.1. What leader have you chosen to speak about and what companies has he/she worked for?2. What are some of his/her greatest business achievements?3. What are some of his/her biggest business failures?4. What have you learned from their achievements and failures?5. Based on this article “21 Most Compelling Qualities”, point out at least 3 specific qualities you think your leader exhibits to help reach their success? “All” is not a sufficient answer.6. How might your leader’s perspective of the media and entertainment industry be different from the average fan or consumer? Meaning, what makes her/him so great? What did/do they see that no one else sees that puts them on top?A minimum of 3 references. APA format isn’t required, however, we encourage you to attempt it on your reference page.(Reminder: Wikipedia is not a credible resource. Please refrain from using this in any of your course work moving forward.)
Requirements: 3 page

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