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I have placed a standardized work combination table for you that also has an exa

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I have placed a standardized work combination table for you that also has an example with it on how to fill it out. Some of you working, may be able to use this at your place of work or have seen/used these before. If you haven’t, it is a treat for you to be exposed to this. It will help you find Waste in a standard work procedure.Here’s the assignment: Make two copies of this blank form. You will need to find a place where you can observe people and what they do consistently. I can give you a hint to go to a fast food restaurant and watch the cashiers. (You could go to Chipolte, one of my favorites, and document the steps for building a burrito) (SEE NOTE) They have a routine as soon as they start that they typically go through daily or with each order. Time them per person for a few orders and watch their moves to make sure they are kind of consistent.Now, document on the form, the steps they go through and the amount of time in seconds for each step/operation. You are looking at basics here….don’t get wrapped up in specifics. You are documenting and then visually making the graph illustrate where the waste is in the system. Are they walking too much, waiting too long, handling things too many times, etc…..NOTE: Due to the current situation and restrictions I have revamped this week’s assignment. Instead of going to a restaurant or fast food place, complete the activity using a multiple step process you can time and monitor at home. You will most likely need the help of another individual to complete this task. Some examples include having someone toast and butter two slices of bread, make a sandwich, and make koolaide.The total time should be exactly reflected on the graph as such as well. It is easy to get a few seconds off so make sure you document correctly.Once you have one complete, do it one more time. Compare the two and explain in the comment window really brief, what you saw and how it could be corrected. What was standardized and what was not?Take a photo of both filled out forms and upload them here to this assignment link.You can also attempt to do a Standard Work Process Capacity sheet as well.

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