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Hello! My name is Talia I am in my second year of my Communications program at U

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Hello! My name is Talia I am in my second year of my Communications program at UOttawa. I am overwhelmed with school assignments, midterms, and work this week and I just don’t have time for this project and would love to see it go away. I need your help and professional expertise to help me finish this project for my Research Methods in Communication class. Please help me!! The class is very interessting as the professor is laid back and enjoys talking about conspiracies, etc. however he is a harsh grader and I’d really like to impress him if possible. This project is the perfect chance to tie in contemporary issues in a creative to an educational assignment. Here are the guidelines he provided for this assignment: **This is an individual assignment that is due at the beginning of class. It consists of 3 parts: Part 1 – Select Topic Select one of the following issues (COVID-19 or Black Lives Matter or Conspiracy theories in general). Once selected, find one news article, video, or social media post related to your topic that you disagree with. Note that the piece must have been published by a thought leader or influencer. Part 2a – Select Academic Empirical Article Search for academic article that scientifically counters the argument set forth by the thought leader / influencer. Articles can be found via online communication journals, Internet searches, or via online databases such as Scholar’s Portal from the university library’s website. The article must have been published in 2010 and after. Do not use book reviews or reviews of the research (lit reviews). The purpose is to focus only on empirical research. Details to follow in subsequent lectures. Part 2b – Objective Read the article carefully and prepare a brief response to the following questions regarding the article: 1.What is the research question or hypothesis? 2.How was the study conducted (methodology)? 3.What were the major findings (results)? 4.What are the author’s implications of these findings (their conclusions)? Part 3 – Argument Following your answers to the questions in Part 2b, your job is to critically assess the article’s methodology as well as how its findings contribute to countering the thought leader / influencer’s published piece. If necessary, you should draw praise and/or criticisms to the methodology of the article while still acknowledging its weight in the scientific community in countering non-scientific narratives. Additionally, your argument should demonstrate your ability to apply course content. Format and Grading You will be graded on the quality of your writing, your critical analysis of the article, your thoroughness in responding to the questions above, and the following: – Structure: 4 pages in length (Intro to Conclusion) – Upload to Brightspace the academic empirical article in Word or PDFoUpload to Brightspace the assignment in Word (PDF also accepted)oCover page, Screenshot / URL of thought leader article post, Intro, Body,Conclusion, Bibliography – Headings and subheadings permitted – 1.5 spaced, size 12, Arial font, APA in-text and bibliographical citation – No spelling, grammatical, or typographical errors – Flow, cohesion of thoughts, and ideas The prof also mentioned that he does not want a standard essay style format the format should be freestyle or Q and A style (whatever that means). Here is what I was working on thus far. If you have a better idea PERFECT scrap it and make it better! Post: Ellen’s stance on Black Lives Matter “I Stand with Black Lives Matter” (poor wording, fails to get her point across, ironic due to the fact she is under investigation due to allegations of her creating a toxic work environment where several employees have experiences racism and intimidation) Peer Reviewed Article: (2010+)** An article perhaps relating to police brutality or black lives matter. For exemple: “Police Brutality and Black Health: Setting the Agenda for Public Health Scholars” I also have here a grading breakdown provided by the prof that might help in some way: Part 1 – Select Topic (1 point) Identification of contemporary social issue Part 1 – Select Topic (1 point )Identification of influencer / thought leader and their comment(s) Part 2a – Select Academic Empirical Article (1 point ) Selection of peer-reviewed, empirical scholarly / academic research article related to Contemporary Social Issue Part 2b – Objective (1 point) What is the research question or hypothesis? Part 2b – Objective (4 points )How was the study conducted (methodology)? Part 2b – Objective (2 points) What were the major findings (results)? Part 2b – Objective (1 point) What are the author’s implications of these findings (their conclusions)? Part 3 – Argument (5 points)Critical Analysis of peer reviewed article and tie-in to influencer / thought leader’s comment(s) Format and Grading (2 points) Presentation (font and size, page length, spelling, APA format, attachments & screenshot, etc.) Format and Grading (2 points) Quality of Writing (flow, cohesion of thoughts and ideas) *****If you decide to use a post (twitter, instagram, youtube video) other than the one I mentioned please don’t forget to screenshot it for me and send it along! Same thing goes for the peer reviewed article I will need a PDF version or at least the link for access. Thank you for help and expertise should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to shoot me an email at; . Good luck!

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