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For this week’s journal assignment, you should CHOOSE ONE (1) of the following q

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For this week’s journal assignment, you should CHOOSE ONE (1) of the following questions/topics and research the answer.  Then, compose a (250 words +) response to the question and post it here in the journal.  Be sure to include links to any and all sources used in finding your information.  Any material directly quoted/copied from a source MUST be in quotation marks….any material paraphrased and/or summarized from a source MUST have a citation after it!  Lastly, I designed this activity to be as much about the process of researching and browsing the internet for the answers to the questions below as it is about writing and responding.  So, although the actual written portion of the assignment isn’t very long, I am hoping that you spend a fair amount of time looking into the answers so that you can learn along the way!  Question I need to write about –
What is meant by “open source” software?  How is it different from “proprietary” software?  What are some of the benefits and drawbacks to each style of software?  Give some examples of each type of software (proprietary and open source).

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