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First, read your textbook chapters 9 & 10. For this particular assignment, pay s

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First, read your textbook chapters 9 & 10. For this particular assignment, pay special attention to the topics about stress. Then, be sure to read the article ” American Psychological Association – Stress and Generations” You are encouraged to use other sources and include them as part of your APA documentation for this assignment.Certain kinds of stressors change from one generation to another. Choose a relative, neighbor, friend or co-worker who is significantly older than you (at least by one generation). The older they are than you – the better. For example, if you pick a grandparent, great-grandparent, or a neighbor who is as old as your grandparents – that would be best for this activity. Don’t make this assignment harder than it is….Choose someone who you have easy access to.a) First, define and describe stressors. Think about three major stressors that currently affect your life. List and discuss these in detail and also how you cope.b) Interview the person you chose. Ask them about three major stressors that affected their life when they were about your age. List and discuss these in detail as well as how that person coped with their stressors. If it helps them, you might want to give them a definition of stressors and examples of your stressors/coping methods so that they know what you are looking for. c) Compare and contrast your stressors and coping methods to those of the person you interviewed. Are they similar? Are they drastically different? Do you see interesting trends? Do you conclude that life is more difficult for you or for the person you interviewed? Why?Be sure to include scholarly content in your response and properly attribute credit to your sources in APA format (use the APA links provided to help you). I am particularly looking for your proper use of in-text citations, use of scholarly content (not just your textbook…use other sources also!), and your inclusion of a works-cited/reference list.
See Critical Thinking Assignment Rubric attached to understand how you will be graded for all Critical Thinking Assignments.

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